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Mixed Triple Shred Mulch

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Our trucks are heavy. We are not responsible for damage to driveways or yards caused by delivering your product. Our drivers will use their discretion regarding where the load can safely be dumped where you want it. This occurance is VERY rare, occuring in less than 0.05% of HEAVY deliveries. Most orders will have no weigh concern.

How much product will you need?

Mulches:1 cubic yard will cover 100 square feet to a depth of 3 inches.

Pine Straw: Each bale will cover 35 square feet

Quarry Products & Soils:1 cubic yard will cover 100 square feet to a depth of 2 inches

Example: An area 20 ft long and 20 ft wide (20x20) would be 400 square feet.  This area would require 4 yards of mulch (400/100) for a 3 inch depth.

Soil Products

Soil products are not eligible for free delivery.  You should expect delivery fees to be $75 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.  We can email you a firm quote if you provide us your information on our Contact Us form.

Screened Topsoil                                             market price

Blended Soil                                                    market price

Product can be custom blended


Mulch pricing is for pick-up or delivered.  Free delivery is available on products identified by an *.  To qualify for free delivery you must order 10 cubic yards of product within 10 miles of our site, 15 cubic yards within 15 miles, or 20 cubic yards within 20 miles of our site. Our trucks can hold up to 22 cubic yards.  If your order does not qualify for free delivery, the hauling charges will be minimal and be based on the quantity ordered and distance to your address.  We can send you a firm quote of your delivery and product via email if you provide us your information on the Contact Us page.   All sales are subject to NC sales tax (7.25%) unless a business resale certificate is presented.  Payments can be cash, check, or credit card. Credit card payments will have a 3% convenience fee added.

*Mixed Wood Chip                                       $12 / cubic yard 

*Lineberger's Mixed Triple Shred                $21 / cubic yard 

Our #1 Selling Triple Shred!  Milk chocolate brown triple shred product that is most commonly used for manicured landscapes and is also a popular alternative for playgrounds!  This popular product can be offered at a great price because it is made right here on site!​


Triple Shredded Hardwood                                   $26.50 / cubic yard

Designer Color Mulch (black, walnut brown, red)          $34 / cubic yard

Pine Nuggets (Large or Mini)                                 market price

ADA Certified Playground                                      market price

Mulch Spreading                                                $65 / man / hour

Since every project is different, we offer an hourly spreading rate for first time spreading customers.  This will include one-way travel and set up for your project. We will take notes and utilize this information to calculate a per yard price for your future projects. 

Pick Up Available...Must call for an appointment

In stock mulch products are also available for pick up. However, a 2 yard minimum will apply. Please schedule your pick up orders in advance to ensure that someone will be available to load your product. Be advised that we do not employ an operator to be on the mulch site for regular pick up hours. YOU MUST CALL/EMAIL to make your pick up appointment.



Delivery available. Contact us for pricing.

$2.75 per cubic foot