Mulch & Landscape Supplies

Pick up orders are available in any quantity and delivery is available from 1/2  to a full cord of seasoned firewood.  See Products for Sale for pricing information.

​Removing trees can leave a void in your landscape.  If you need assistance deciding what to replant, we have ISA Certified Arborists on staff that can make educated recommendations on trees and shrubs that will thrive in your landscape. At the initial consultation, our Arborist will evaluate light and soil conditions. He/She will also discuss your visual preferences as well as consider other factors such as small children, pets, and wildlife.  Your plants are hand-selected and a full inspection of the specimen's root balls and stem structure is conducted to guarantee that we are providing you with a healthy plant. We will leave you with detailed instructions on how to care for your new plantings. 

The Raleigh area experiences it's fair share of damaging storms, primarily wind damage from tornadoes and hurricanes to limb/tree failure from ice and snow.  If you find yourself in need of emergency tree removal after a storm, Lineberger's Tree Service will be on call to help our local customers during times of emergency.  We do not storm chase but prefer to stay close to home to care for our local customer base. We have the equipment, including our own crane, and the expertise to quickly respond and safely remove trees causing damage or danger to your property. 

High quality tree care provided by highly trained & knowledgeable professionals.  Contact us today!

Landscape Design & Installation

Tree pruning is a fundamental aspect of tree growth and development and is required at intervals throughout the life of the tree to promote healthy growth and desired shape.  Tree pruning will guide the tree towards balance by removing damaged, dead, structurally unsound or diseased parts of the tree that are inhibiting its growth or appearance. It is a delicate process that can best be done by an arborist.   An improperly pruned tree can stagnate the trees growth, put the tree under stress, or result in an unsightly structure. We have the equipment and expertise to meet all your pruning needs, including ISA certified arborists who will supervise on site.  

Tree & Shrub Pruning

If your project requires tree removal, we can also offer stump grinding services.  Using  our self propelled stump grinders, we can grind the stump, raking the grinding back over the hole.  If you would like the grinding removed and replaced with topsoil for future replanting, we can offer that service at an additional charge.

Commercial Services

Need advice on the health of your trees?  Have questions regarding your landscape? With our multiple ISA Certified Arborists on staff, we are qualified to meet with you and address all your tree and landscape concerns. A Consulting Arborist can evaluate tree health and structure, diagnose disease and insect problems, determine potential tree risks and hazards, recommend a plant health care maintenance program, as well as, give planting advise and recommendations. The result of the consultation will be a detailed written report including the Arborist's findings and recommendations. Consultations do require a small fee to cover the time/expense of the Arborist but the long-term savings from this minimal investment are well worth it!  

Plant Health Care / Insect & Disease Control

Tree Removal

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We offer a variety of mulch products and landscape supplies along with free delivery for qualified purchases.  See our Products for Sale page for pricing and additional information.

Stump Grinding

Disease or insects can cause a previously healthy plant or tree to show signs of stress. We have the experience and vast knowledge to diagnose plant health issues and a certified licensed pesticide applicator to provide the necessary treatment. We offer contact sprays for IMMEDIATE response and systemic treatments such as soil injections and tree trunk injections for a LONG-TERM protection.

We also offer preventative and recovery treatments for a variety of invasive pests including the emerald ash borer which made a presence in North Carolina in 2013. The emerald ash borer attacks all species of ash native to the US as well as native white fringe tree. Insecticides are available to protect your trees and is recommended when the beetle is within 15 miles of the tree. If the tree is already infested and over half the crown is still alive, insecticides may be used therapeutically to help the trees recover. Click here to learn more about the emerald ash borer.

What We Offer

Emergency Storm Recovery


Lineberger's Tree Service has the equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently handle all your commercial tree needs. Serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas we will work with you to plan and schedule your project with minimal disruption to your business.  We are fully licensed and insured and can provide certificate of insurance and referrals upon request.

Crane Services

Hauling & Grading

Our Services

Air Spading

The air spade is an excavation tool for clearing the soil from the base of the tree.  It uses great volumes of compressed air to remove and break up soil without damaging roots. The compressed air cuts through soil quickly and accurately in less time than conventional digging with no damage to the roots, cables or buried utility lines. Exposing the root flare in this manor can provide the arborist with valuable information regarding the general health of the tree such as improperly planted trees, girdling roots, and possible root diseases. Gathering this information offers greater insight to properly diagnose tree health issues.​

Our sister company, Crane Guy, Inc., was established in June of 2007. The addition of a crane to our fleet allows us to respond faster during emergency situations and improves our efficiency and safety in everyday operations. Our crane operators are NCCCO certified.

A tree dying due to age, natural disaster or disease can require removal.  A change in your landscape or safety concerns may also result in the need for tree removal.  Lineberger's Tree Service is fully insured and has the necessary equipment and expertise to safely remove any type of tree regardless of size and location. At your request, we can provide insurance certificates and references. 


Lineberger's Tree Service, Inc​

Lineberger's Tree Service offers hauling of mulch and quarry products and light grading services.  Contact us today to see how we can help meet your needs.

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